The TCommerce Way that powered the Tongue-Tied Schools to raise funds for charity

Jul 11, 2024

In Birmingham, Alabama, pediatric dentist Richard Baxter, DMD, MS assists dentists identify and treat mouth and tongue relationships.

The idea, which was ignited due to twins' birth in 2014, culminated in the creation of Tongue-Tied Academy which is a school devoted to addressing a common yet not widely recognized issue.

Since the commencement of the course in the year 2020 The instructor seen over 1500 people take up the course. The instructor was certain to give any profits made to charitable organizations, local and international charities..

The writer explains how he created the online-based course business, and also how TCommerce helped in increasing its success.

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He found his niche

The girls were very younger, the dentist was aware of the presence of tongue tie that was hindering their ability to nurse. After finding a dentist who could perform a laser treatment to loosen the knot on their tongue and they would be able to take a more relaxing sleep. "The dentist suggested that I keep an eye on tongue ties in kids because they're more frequent than people realize. Four out of five kids have one" Baxter tells .

Then the public began to ask him questions about the way his lips and tongues were tied. In search of more information on the issue, he delved into every book as well as classes about the topic however was shocked to find that there was an absence of information that he could choose from. Following that, he was able to apply the tongue tie with lasers. After providing the treatment for patients, and responding to the mom's questions and worries and worries, he set about writing a blog post on the subject. An increasing number of patients came to him seeking his guidance and eventually he took the decision to write and release Tongue Tied, the novel Tongue Tied, in 2018. "People who gone through the book, but would like to know more," Baxter says. Baxter.

The next stage was to establish his own online academy . The dentist's office had stopped operations due to the flu pandemic He had completed his course's script of over 200 pages. He then hired the film-making team to record the flagship course lasting 25 hours. This was done while the dental office was shut.

He signed up for

The key to the success in the achievement of Tongue-Tied Academy is the partnership that it is able to share with creation of an efficient method of course delivery.

"What's appealing is the ability to arrange the classes in modules." Baxter has shares.

He could present his material in short chunks and then add quizzes to the end of each section. Additionally, he could incorporate chapters of his work into the software. "I find it beneficial to incorporate different types of materials in the class instead of just video," He explains.

The instructor is a regular participant in its feature that lets the automatic creation of certificates to his pupils. "I don't have to be concerned about completing anything for my course in a day other than responding to questions during the discussions, since all of it can be automated" the instructor states.

The TCommerce merchant made it simpler to checkout with TCommerce

Moving to TCommerce over Stripe made it easier to improve the process of having to check out for Tongue-Tied Academy's participants. Baxter believes that the use of TCommerce has made him lose additional sales. However, following a switch out of the Stripe integration, check-outs have become much simpler according to Baxter.

The company offers a variety of payment methods. Including Apple Pay and Google Pay, Baxter says that TCommerce allows transactions to be seamless providing accessibility and ease of use for users across the globe.

"You can press a button and make use of your ID by using the picture you have taken, and select the courses you'd like," says Baxter. "It's and a lot easier method of putting all the information you know into a ."

Moreover, 's automated calculation of sales tax feature helps reduce the administrative load, while also ensuring that regulations are met across different states. Baxter states that the cash that he earns through his classes can be easier to pay than the old company that processed payments.

"I do not even think about it because it's so easy," he says. " Payments manages everything for me. My money is deposited in my account at the bank ."

In the hopes of launching a new version of his most loved course in springtime, Baxter plans on using the possibility of purchasing bumps as well as letting customers take additional courses at a lower price and not increasing the time spent making payments for courses.

The difference he had was through charity

Once the money is deposited in his account at the bank, the person who banked it donates 100 percent of the earnings to charity.

Alongside aiding clean water initiatives across Africa and Asia for rehabilitation as in fighting the trafficking of human beings, his commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of his community illustrates the academy's overall goal that is to offer social assistance. "I don't require any additional stuff," he says. "We have a house and we have a car, we're fine ."

"If I can aid the child that was not able to feed before or was difficult to feed and has an issue, it's worth," the doctor continues.

He introduced various versions of his program.

In order to meet the diverse needs of the people he helped, Baxter launched a condensed version of the course designed specifically for professionals like speech therapists, lactation specialists as well as other. This LITE Version course, priced at $495, provides an easy, but efficient study of the topic, catering to a broader spectrum of students.

The course is always in a perpetual style, so students can sign up whenever they'd want to. "Teaching the online course makes it as accessible to all students," he says.

In addition, the classes offer American Dental Association-approved continuing education credits. "We employ an approved CE provider. This means that the students can utilize it for renewal of their certifications," Baxter explains.

While the cost of the course's flagship is $2,600 and the course's content as well as CE certification, helps students understand the value.

He designed a straightforward user experience

In spite of his successes, Baxter says that he doesn't have much of an approach to marketing.

The normal customer experience begins with the reading of the book. Then, if they want to know more about the subject, the book will guide readers towards Tongue-Tied Academy.

When he speaks at events or conferences, typically attendees tend to join his mailing list. Once people are on his mailing list, they'll be sent an email by MailChimp that will direct them to his web site.

He was the one who defined success.

Baxter states that his success lies in being able to increase his knowledge. "It's not just me who is doing this." He says.

"We have more than 1500 students that have completed our class. If they each see at least one patient per day, that's more patients than I've had the chance to manage myself. ."

Further the definition of his accomplishments lies in the training of doctors, assisting parents and making sure patients receive more treatment, all with the help of funds for charitable causes all over the world.

When creating an online course, it is advised that authors find their passions. "It can be anything," he declares. "And regardless of what it is, you can create the course you'd want to take. ."

"Just be you," Baxter encourages. "I'm not an online class man. I'm a dentist. My only action was launch my program on the market, and last year we were honored with having one of the top ten classes on ."

Prior to the launch of Tongue-Tied Academy, he created two courses on his own. They cost $99, which roughly 10 students could go to. "I have learned directly from the course" He says. I obtained higher-quality footage and designed a flagship course via Tongue-Tied Academy ."

"You may fail several occasions," he adds, "but this is only one element of learning. It's impossible to prevent an error if you don't learn from it ."

As Tongue-Tied Academy continues to evolve by ensuring a constant commitment to service and education, its legacy of altruism and empowerment acts as an inspiration for both students and teachers.

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