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Jun 27, 2024

We've introduced Social Login to allow Seamless logins on your WordPress website.

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     Provide access quickly! Create social logins for your WordPress site using Member. benefit from an improved user experience and also a stress-free administrator.

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You're well aware of customers' anger because you've been there. When you attempt to login into your account, only to find you've totally forgotten your password.

And, even more importantly is that you're signing into the new device and can't use your password manager. Furthermore, why did you need to create a 12-character password for your coffee account anyway?

Micro-frustrations could be the difference between the successful login to your account and an individual choosing to opt out of the whole process. And that can spell disaster for your bottom account.

It's good news that there's an easy and increasingly sought-after solution to the issue. This is available now to all Members Pro and Elite customers: social login.

This feature was created to speed up registration This function enhances user experience and, in turn, increases member satisfaction and loyalty.

This article will explore the different ways that social login can be beneficial to your business, and also how to create it in Member.

What exactly is Social Login?

Asana Social Login option
Asana offers the possibility to sign in using Google

Social login is a user security method which allows users to log in on websites by using already active accounts on social networks such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Instead of recollecting another password and username, users need only utilize their login credentials to social media to access their existing accounts.

For WordPress websites, the integration of an account with social media is all designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for users. Users can log in to their accounts quickly, reducing the friction that can result in abandoned logins and lost engagement.

Forget passwords and difficult ways to recover. It's a simple, easy login experience that keeps them returning.

Benefits of allowing Social Login for Your WordPress Site

It might seem to be an insignificant thing, but the addition of social logins onto your website could have significant effect on your profits. There are numerous benefits that can make this a very easy choice for the business you run.

1. Make Members Content with a Streamlined User Experience

The world is now awash with ease of use. With everything from 5G Internet to Amazon Prime, the average user expects everything to become available in the next few hours.

To be fair or not, people are becoming willing to accept any kind of difficulty when it comes to purchasing products or accessing services.

Websites for membership that require regular visits, and a bad user experience (UX) just isn't an option.

If you're looking for your business to remain active or expand it is essential to invest all effort in making it as easy as possible for members to join your website.

More clicks, less comfort, that's the key to a better experience. It all begins by logging in.

Social login refers to the phrase used to describe how users don't need to exert any effort in order in order to retrieve their password and username from their brain banks. All it takes is just couple of clicks, and they're accomplished! There's nothing better performance than that.

2. #Hassle Free Administration

It's not a secret that users don't like dealing with password resets or the painful procedure of recovering accounts. When it comes to minimizing the problems associated with social logins, it helps reduce the burden for your support staffand ensures that your customers are satisfied and active.

Social login can reduce operations-related issues, which can cost your team time and money.

3. Better Confidence among Members Trust is the Trend

Social logins provide a feeling of security and trust your website - visitors feel less irritated when they are on a site that is safe and familiar.

If they are presented with options like Google, Facebook, or Twitter and Twitter users are aware of the strong security measures and are more secure in using their accounts.

The ease of use helps with reducing hesitation and creates immediate trust on your site.

Not to mention the fact that social logins are frequently used on the most popular websites and apps.

Zapier social login
Zapier is a popular software that provides social logins to its users

4. Improved Retention Rates and Keep them Reeling In

Accessibility plays a crucial role in retaining members.

If you let users connect to your website in just one click on their preferred social media profiles and you make it more easy for them to participate and interact with your site.

Furthermore to that, using Social login lowers the possibility of customer loss if clients do not remember your password.

According to a survey carried out by Blue Research, 92% of those surveyed said that they had decided to leave the site, instead of resetting or regaining login information in 31% of the cases. However, 31% confessed that they regularly do this.

If you allow users with social logins to users, you reduce the likelihood of these issues and create a consistent positive user experience, which encourages them to associate your site with ease and reliability.

The result is that members tend to be more likely to remain connected and interested in your content and the services you offer.

Social logins increase your chances of turning visitors who are transiting through to users for the duration of time.

5. Improved Data Security

When users have to come up with a unique password, it's a chance for security risks to creep into.

A majority of users use the same passwords across different websites, which could create an unintended consequence of a compromise of accounts.

Social login allows access to the highly secure security networks that are provided by giants such as Facebook and Google and shifting the responsibility of managing passwords to people who are the best at it.

That means it's much less likely confront worries about breaches or hacks of security which can keep you awake all late at night. Another reason to turn onto this security feature now.

How social Login Helps Increase the Revenue

The essence of the issue adding the possibility of a social login on your WordPress member-only website makes excellent business sense.

Each of these benefits will be cumulative in the final line. Let's take a look:

Engaged Sales = Increased Chances

Social logins help to remove obstacles and encourage more frequent member interactions.

Accessing your content becomes more accessible, meaning that users can easily access and interact with the content. This also gives you more opportunities to upsell the membership levels of your customers or cross-sell other services.

Lower Churn = Better Customer Lifetime Value

If you can keep subscribers happy, engaged with your content and keep them coming back for more The more cash you will earn. Through the recurring revenue model it is possible to enjoy a lower rate of churn that is cumulative month after month because your members pay you.

Less Admin = More Value Innovation

There is less need for support and administration Your time will be free and funds to invest in creating worth for your customers.

How Do You Add the Social Logins on Your WordPress Website?

Now that you know the benefits of establishing social logins on your WordPress site. Now it's the time for us to demonstrate how to add it with Member.

1. Download your Social Login Add-On

On the WordPress dashboard, go to members > add-ons. Find your Social Login extension, and then select it to to install.

2. Set up and manage your preferred Social Providers

When the add-on has been installed, it will display an Social Login option on your Member Menu. Simply click on it Then, select a social website which you would like your users to sign-up with.

social login options

After you have clicked on a provider, select the Accept provider option. Then, click the View Documentation link for a full guide on how to sign up for the service you've chosen.

You can

In order to connect Twitter as well as Facebook it is necessary to set up an application with either your Facebook account or X developers account. It's simple to set up instructions on how to begin is contained in the information document.

And voila! You're done.

Repeat with as many social networks you'd like and when your customers login they'll see this:

3. Allow Users to connect via manual

In the event that the email that your customers are using for their social logins is the same email that they registered with for your website then their social login will connect automatically.

However, if their email addresses differ, or they'd like to join through X it's essential to allow users to link their social accounts manually once they're signed in to.

Member streamlines the process through the use of shortcodes that are easy to access.


The shortcode generates buttons and an explanation for each social service installed on your website:

example of social logins connect disconnect buttons

Your users now have a possibility to link their social accounts and sign up faster for their next session!

Access your account within a matter of seconds with The Member Social Login Add-On today

A social login feature in your WordPress website directly improves your user experience, and also benefits your overall bottom line.

Allowing members to sign in through their existing account on social networks. Allowing members to sign-in using their social media accounts This will make signing-in easier, reduce frustration and improve confidence.

It results in more engagement and higher retention rate as members have the ability access their accounts easily and often.

If you are a site administrator, these advantages result in more revenue possibilities. Easy access means more frequent interactions with your site's content which leads to greater cross-selling and selling possibilities.

Additionally, reducing password-related support difficulties lets your team be focused on creating value for your customers, which will boost customer satisfaction and increase loyalty.

If you can offer a social logins, you improve your user experience and create more user-friendly and more efficient and ultimately profitable membership websites - which is our primary goal!

So now we've shown you how to do it, but now it's up to you. Add social logins on your WordPress site using Member and enjoy the benefits of increased customer engagement and retention for your online business.

Please let us what you are planning to do when you utilize this add-on Member Social Login add-on in the comments section in the section below!

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